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Mehndi MadnessTM Blog

Moroccan Tent Party
By: Krysteen Lomonaco ~ 8/6/2014

If you love mehndi and want to share this love with your friends, why not throw a Moroccan tent party to introduce henna to everyone you know! We have provided you with some ideas on how to plan a Moroccan tent party but feel free to add your own personal touches. This theme can give a birthday, graduation, baby or bridal shower a creative twist!

Moroccan Tent Party Recipe:

This theme can be carried from the invitation all the way through party favors. Remember, these are just suggestions to get the ball rolling, and never hesitate to hire a professional Mehndi Madness henna artist to give all your guests beautiful mehndi tattoos.

Decor: Anything and everything can have a Moroccan style added to it from the table setting to a Moroccan tent built right in your living room! Get thrifty and use scarves, saris, and sarongs with various prints and colors. Mixing colors and pattern will add dimension to your decorations. This table setting is sure to inspire.  Here is a fun project for decorating charger plates:

Tent: Building a tent can be very difficult, but that doesn't mean it has to be! Do you have a gazebo, canopy, or easy-up tent? Disguise it with colorful scarves, lanterns and fabrics. This is perfect for an outdoor party. If you would rather have your party indoors, there is still room for a tent! Here is a DIY Moroccan tent tutorial using shower rods and clips:

A tent wouldn't be as fun without pillows! Make sure to add seating in your tent by throwing down more blankets and fabric, pillows, and maybe a small table.

Dress Code: Inspire your guests to come in their most elaborate robes, encourage bright colors, Moroccan patterns and Middle Eastern style wear like saris, harem pants, and maxi skirts or dresses. Modern fashion items like head jewelry, body chains and floral crowns are a great accessory for this occasion. Better yet, provide a dress-up area with these items to those who might not have them & require guests to adorn themselves before entering the party area.

Menu: Menus should be fun and bit exotic.  Make tags for food items with descriptions so guest with food allergies can be sure before eating them. The easiest way to handle food would be to hire a caterer who specializes in Middle Eastern food.  But you could also go pot luck and have everyone bring a dish. This is a good way to have guests connect with the spirit of the party.  Here are some ideas for appetizers, main dishes, and desserts.
Moroccan Marinated Olives
Moroccan Carrot and Chickpea Salad
Spiced Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Carrots
Harissa Chicken
Moroccan Orange Cake
Henna Inspired Cupcakes

The little things: Some details will make or break your theme, instead of running out and getting plastic cups, try purchasing a set of drinking glasses that will carry your theme and can be kept as a favor or used over again. You can also dress up your plastic cups by adding a mehndi inspired design with markers or puff paint. Here is a set of darling Moroccan tea glasses:

Party Favors: Giving something to your guests is a great way for them to remember the day's festivities for years to come. Here's a fun craft that uses blue mason jars and gold or silver puff paint. These lanterns can be used in the decor then taken home by your guests at the end of the night:  Fire safety can be an issue. If there will be children or if you plan on hanging these lanterns close to your decorations. Try purchasing LED or battery powered tea lights for your lanterns.

Music and Entertainment: Moroccan or Middle Eastern music can be found on Pandora, Spotify, itunes radio or whatever listening station you use online. As far as games go, anything will do and can be enjoyed by all of your guests. Having a Mehndi Madness henna artist provide mehndi designs for your guests is always a great idea. Creating colorful hula hoops with bells and tinsel is fun for kids and adults, throwing in friendly competition by hosting a belly dancing contest or hula hooping standoff will get everyone off their feet. Throw in a prize and see what your guests can do!